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STREAM June 4: Presbytery Outreach Conference “Strange, New World” 


Sponsored by the Presbytery of Ohio’s Committee on Church Extension

“Strange, New World: Making Sense of a Dying Culture”

by Dr. Carl R. Trueman

Dr. Carl Trueman will set our current culture in its broader historical context and identify ways we might respond to the challenges we face as members of churches, families, and wider society.  

The conference is free but please register for either the onsite or the live stream by going to

Morning Session (10:00 am) will being in:


Afternoon session (12:30 pm) will begin in:


When the session starts you can refresh this page and start the live stream. If you can’t hear anything, make sure you unmute the video using the button that will appear in the bottom right corner of the video area after you refresh the page.

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